Augustan Society, Inc.
Augustan Society, Inc.

Our Society's Mission and Vision

Our Mission Statement is:

The Augustan Society, Inc., promotes the study and traditions of chivalry, genealogy, heraldry, history before AD 1700, and nobility by providing unique, high-quality resources, including a library, publications, and services for members and the public.

Our Vision Statement is:

We work to further chivalric values in society by the manner in which we conduct ourselves and our business.

Our Society also grants Fellowships and Awards for outstanding achievement, registers arms, recognizes orders of chivalry, knighthood, and merit, and membership in souch groups. We also record family genealogies, lineages, and pedigrees and promote education in the fields of interest to our members.

Operating Year: April 2020 - March 2021

Elected Officers
President, exp. 2023: Rod Fleck
Vice-President, exp. 2023: Cdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
Secretary, exp. 2023: Hon. Peter Spinelli
Treasurer, exp. 2021: Daniel Rodgers
Director, exp. 2022: Edward Lowinger
Director, exp. 2021: Mr. Dustin Ashley
Director, exp. 2022: Brady Brim-DeForest, Baron of Balvaird
Appointed Officers
Custodian of Insignia: Brady Brim-DeForest, Baron of Balvaird
Fundraising Chairman: Daniel Rodgers
Legal Committee Chairman: Rod Fleck
Marketing Committee Chairman: Rod Fleck
Membership Chairman: Rod Fleck
Nominating Committee Chairman: Vacant
Chivalry Committee Chairman: Cdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
- Chivalry Comm. Vice-Chair.: Mr. Jaeame Koyil
Genealogy Comm Chairman: Vacant
Heraldry Committee Chairman: Cdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
- American Heraldry VJ: Bruce Metcalf
- Australian Heraldry VJ: Stephen Szabo
- Canadian Heraldry VJ: Cdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
- Irish Heraldry VJ: Baron Patrick O'Shea d'Albeville
- Scottish Heraldry VJ: Donald Campbell
- Spanish Heraldry VJ: Ernesto Anaya
History Committee Chairman: Vacant
Royalty & Nobility Comm. Chair: Cdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
Dean of Studies: Rod Fleck
- Armorial & Ordinary S.G.: Bruce Metcalf
- Digitizing Study Group: Bruce Metcalf
- Ecclesiastical Heraldry S.G.: Mr. Dustin Ashley
- Egyptology Study Group: Daniel Rodgers
- Heraldry Training S.G.: Vacant
- Middle Eastern Royal Houses: Rev. Dr. Christian Boyd
Library Committee Chairman: Marta Metcalf
Editor-in-Chief: Rod Fleck
- Omnibus Editor: Bruce Metcalf
- Roll of Arms Editor: Vacant
- Books Editor: Cdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
- Production Editor: Bruce Metcalf
-- Assistant Production Editor: Brady Brim-DeForest, Baron of Balvaird
- Webmaster: Bruce Metcalf
-- Facebook Moderator: Rod Fleck
Eagle Grand Chancellor: Vacant
Magister Rosae: Bruce Metcalf
Dean of SDLKJ: Don Angelo Sedacca
Dean of SDS: Lee Dorland
Dean of SDI: Larry Tune
Vice-Dean of SDI: Evan McCarthy

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