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Mailing Address
Augustan Society, Inc.
PO Box 771267
Orlando, FL 32877-1267
(407) 745-0848
Fax: (321) 206-6313
General Inquiry:
Elected Officers
President, exp. 2020: Rod Fleck
Vice-President, exp. 2020: LCdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
Secretary, exp. 2020: Hon. Peter Spinelli
Treasurer, exp. 2021: Daniel Rodgers
Appointed Officers
Custodian of Insignia: Bruce Metcalf
Fundraising Chairman: Rod Fleck
Legal Committee Chairman: Rod Fleck
Marketing Committee Chairman: Rod Fleck
Membership Chairman: Rod Fleck
Nominating Committee Chairman: Rod Fleck
Chivalry Committee Chairman: LCdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
Genealogy Comm Chairman: Marta Metcalf
Heraldry Committee Chairman: LCdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
-- Australian Heraldry VJ: Stephen Szabo
-- Canadian Heraldry VJ: LCdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
-- Irish Heraldry VJ: Prof. Patrick O'Shea d'Albeville
-- Scottish Heraldry VJ: Donald Campbell
History Committee Chairman: Rod Fleck
Royalty & Nobility Comm. Chair: LCdr. Nicholas Hoffmann
Dean of Studies: Rod Fleck
Library Committee Chairman: Marta Metcalf
Editor-in-Chief: Rod Fleck
-- Omnibus Editor: Bruce Metcalf
-- Roll of Arms Editor: Duncan Ely
Webmaster: Bruce Metcalf
Eagle Grand Chancellor: Chev. John Bennett, II
Magister Rosae: Duncan Ely
Dean of SDS: Lee Dorland
Dean of SDI: Larry Tune
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