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Aims: To propose and prove or disprove descents from antiquity. This will involve publishing proposed lineages as a tool to generate discussion and consensus. A final report on each link will be published in The Augustan Omnibus.

The group may study more than one such link at a time. At present, their projects include:

  • Prove a link between the Pharaohs of Egypt and modern European genealogies.
  • Prove a link from ancient Near Eastern royalty to modern descendants.
  • Prove a link from ancient Asian royalty to modern descendants.

Other proposed links may be added from time to time. Given the nature of research on ancient topics, it may not be possible to prove all such proposals, thus proposals may at times be left dormant until new research or new ideas make them worthy of further attention. As disproof is nearly impossible, it is not expected that any unproven link will be permanently abandoned.

Funding for the research expenses of this Study Group are defrayed by selling a Resource Set showing proposed lineages as a work-in-progress. These are being edited to more clearly show which elements are considered proven, which are tentative, and which are purely speculative. The Resource Set should be considered “research notes” and should not be used for research or cited by others, as they are subject to change or withdrawal at any time.

Augustan Soceity members may join this group on application to the Coordinator.

Edmund Miller, FAS
Lee A. Dorland, FAS

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