Arms Registration

The Heraldry Committee reviews petitions for Registration of Arms (and amendments) and to assure that submitted materials meet heraldic standards, as well as ethical matters concerning the petitioner's assertions. The Committee seeks to promote registration with the Society of Arms granted, registered, or recorded internationally, and assumed Arms. The recommendations of the Committee are submitted to the Board of Directors for a final determination on registration.

The Heraldry Committee operates through its Chairman who is styled “Justiciar General”. Additional members of the Committee include such Vice-Justiciars as may be appointed with expertise in the various heraldic authorities and traditions. The Committee also includes heraldic artists to create emblazonments and to further the appreciation of their respective talents.

Registration of Arms

Members and others are invited to petition for recognition of their arms. The Heraldry Committee is also willing to consult on the design of arms for those wishing to assume them, or on obtaining arms from one of the legitimate grant agencies.


Heraldry Committee Members involved in Arms Registration include:

Justiciar General):
Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
Vice Justiciar for Australian Heraldry:
Stephen Szabo, FAS
Vice Justiciar for Canadian Heraldry:
Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
Vice Justiciar for American Heraldry:
Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
Vice Justiciar for Asian Heraldry:
Edward Ploysongsang*
Vice Justiciar for Scottish Heraldry:
Donald Draper Campbell*
Vice Justiciar for Italian Heraldry:
Flavio A.L. Andreatta*

* Non-member consultant

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