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One of the longest standing areas of interest of the Society is that of Chivalry — orders and the related fields of the Crusades and Knighthood. Articles in these subject areas are published in The Augustan Omnibus.

Qualifying individuals may petition for membership in the Noble Company of the Rose, a noble chivalric corporation, founded under the patronage of HSH Ernst August Prinz zur Lippe, which is part of The Augustan Society.

In addition, the Society maintains cordial relations with many orders of chivalry, and advises members about all aspects of the chivalric community and the activities therein.

The Society's Library has an extensive collection of books, magazines, pamphlets, manuscript materials, and original documents, as well as insignia, pertaining to orders of chivalry and related groups.

The Chivalry Committee advises the Board of Directors on which Orders of Chivalry, Organizations of a Chivalric Nature, and other Honors that it is appropriate for the Society to recognize. A list of same is here.

Cdr. Nicholas A. Hoffmann, FAS
Jaeame Koyil
Brady Brim-DeForest, FSA (Scot), FRAI
Maj. José Sánchez
Murray Eiland
Sean Collin
Dr. Duane L.C.M. Galles, Esq., FSA(Scot)*

* non-member consultant

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