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Augustan Society, Inc.

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The Communications Committee is responsible for: editing and printing new publications; reprinting older works of the Society; maintaining the content of the Society's web sites; managing the Society's presence on social media; and operating the Society's email service. It consists of the Editor-in-Chief and his appointed Editors, Proofreaders, Webmasters, Artists, and others.

Periodicals presently active include:

Online publications presently active or under development include:

Books presently active or under development include:

  • A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, by Arthur Germond, FAS; edited by Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
  • Augustan Lineages: Vol. I, Scottish Descents, by Lee Dorland, FAS
  • Guide to Orders of Chivalry, 2nd ed., by Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
  • Little Manual of Heraldry, 4th ed., by Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
Members of the Communications Committee are:

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