This group was previously known as the Publications Committee, but given that our communications are no longer restricted to printed materials, it seemed apt to update the name to reflect 21st century realities.

The Committee is responsible for all publications of The Augustan Society, which presently include:

  • Augustæum, the Society's members newsletter, published bi-monthly, available free to members and friends
  • The Augustan Omnibus, the Society's journal, published semi-annually, available by subscription, and sent free with membership
  • Rosarum, the members-only newsletter of the Noble Company of the Rose.
  • The Augustan Society Roll of Arms, the published roll of arms registered with the Society, three volumes to date. Volume IV is being developed for publication now, with the three previous Volumes to be reprinted in full color thereafter.
  • The Noble Company of the Rose Roll of Arms, a subset of the above, it includes only the arms of current members of the Noble Company of the Rose.
  • A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, by Arthur Germond, FAS. This a compilation of the 24 installments previously published in The Augustan, Journal of Ancient & Medieval Studies, and The Augustan Omnibus, along with corrections and updates.
  • Vigil: A Knight's Training Program, being a second edition of the training program developed by Magister Rosae Wilson Van Dusen for the Noble Company of the Rose.
  • A heraldry training program, as yet unnamed.
  • The Rose Roll of Arms, an armorial of current members of the Noble Company of the Rose.
  • Augustan Lineages, a new series of lineages based on previously published and unpublished lineages in the Society's collectin.

The Communications Committee Staff includes:

Editor-in-Chief (Chairman):
Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE
Heraldry Index, Armorial, and Ordinary Editor:
Nicholas Hoffmann, FAS
Facebook Moderator:
Rod Fleck, FAS
Vigil Editor:
Roll of Arms Editor:

Previous and discontinued publications of The Augustan Society include:

All of the above have been included into The Augustan Omnibus.

Other publications available from The Augustan Society include:

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