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Augustan Society, Inc.

OAE Rule of the Order


The Order of the Augustan Eagle and all property and funds (whether derived from dues or otherwise) belong to The Augustan Society, Inc., whose operations are governed by its Bylaws and Standing Rules. The Society's Board of Directors shall confirm appointments to the Eagle Council, and delegates to that Council such powers only as are referred to in this Charter, in the Rule of the Order, and by resolutions of the Board. No Member of the Order is liable for any charge, responsibility, or encumbrance other than his dues to the Order, nor is he entitled to any right, privilege, or service other than those set out in the Rule of the Order.

Rule of the Order

as amended February 2015

  1. Membership in the Order is solely by invitation of the Chief of the Council of the Order.
  2. Membership in the Order is limited to 24 members.
  3. Any qualified person admitted by the Chief of the Order will be a Member of the Order.
  4. Individuals who have satisfied the following conditions:
    1. Are members in good standing of The Augustan Society, Inc., and
    2. Have been members of The Augustan Society, Inc., for at least five years, and
    3. Have registered their arms with the Society, and
    4. Are Fellows First Class or better of the Augustan Society, Inc.,
    may be admitted to Membership in the Order in the following classes, that is to say:
    1. Life Members of the Order who, upon petition to the Order, will pay life dues.
    2. Annual Members who, upon petition and yearly thereafter, pay dues.
  5. The expression “Member” or “Members” wherever used herein, will be deemed to refer to and include the above, except where such classes may be specifically and distinctly referred to.
  6. The Chief of the Council of the Order, may also admit to the Order as Honorary Members and/or Patrons any such eminent individuals as he may deem fit to be accorded such honor.
  7. Any individual who ceases to be a Member or Honorary Member by reason of resignation, default, or any other cause must return his Certificate of membership and insignia and cease to use any description or insignia implying connection with the Order.
  8. There shall be three insignia of membership:
    1. The Collar: the collar insignia is composed of 18 eagles in link, meeting at the key piece, a reproduction of the membership insignia of the society, and suspended therefrom the coat of arms of the Society, gold finish enameled in black, red, and white.
    2. The Breast Badge: the breast badge insignia is composed of the shield of the Society's arms (Or, gutté de sang, an eagle displayed sable, enhaloed argent) upon a gold starburst.
    3. The Lapel Pin: the lapel pin insignia is a miniature of the shield of the Society's arms (Or, gutté de sang, an eagle displayed sable, enhaloed argent).
  9. Membership.
    1. An individuals who accepts Membership will submit an Entry Fee of $100.00, and an Insignia Fee that will be determined annually based on the member’s choice of insignia then available.
    2. Except as provided below, Members will pay annual dues in the amount of $25.00 per year, due on 1 January of each year and becoming delinquent on 1 February.
    3. An individual who petitions for Life Membership will submit a Life Dues amount based actuarially upon age and annual dues, and thereafter be exempt from payment of annual dues.
    4. Honorary Members need pay no dues.
    5. The membership of any Regular Member who is two years delinquent in the payment of dues will be discontinued.
  10. The Collar of the Order
    1. The Collar of the Order may be purchased by any Member at a price based on cost.
    2. The Collar of the Order may be leased for an amount equal to 10% of the purchase price per year.
    3. Responsibility for maintaining and repairing any leased Collar shall belong to the member.
    4. Members who have leased a Collar until their lease payments total at least 125% of the then-current purchase price will be granted ownership of the Collar with no further payments due.
    5. Members who fail to make lease payments by due date must return the Collar to the Society at their expense within 30 days.
  11. Notice of resignation of any Member must be given in writing and, unless otherwise expressed, will be deemed to take effect from the 31st of December following receipt thereof.
  12. If the Council of the Order considers that any Member's conduct is contrary to the interests of the Order and/or injurious to its reputation, it may terminate his Membership without assigning any reason and/or explanation. Any person whose Membership is terminated under this rule will forfeit all the privileges of membership and all rights against the Order.
  13. No Member will use the Order or his Membership therein for business purposes.
  14. The Council of the Order:
    1. The Council which will govern the Order will be appointed by the Chief of the Order.
    2. The Members of the Council of the Order:
      1. Chief of the Council of the Order, who will be elected by the membership from their number.
      2. Grand Marshal, who will arrange the meetings
      3. Grand Chancellor, who will be the administrative officer of the Order
      4. Vice-Chancellor
      5. Secretary General
      6. Receiver General
    3. A quorum of the Council of the Order shall consist of not fewer than one-half (1/2) of the number of members authorized above. Members of the Council may grant proxy to other members of the Council.
  15. When the Chief of the Order is unable to secure enough volunteers to form a quorum of the Eagle Council after reasonable effort, he may rule without a council, or appoint a Grand Chancellor to do so, assuming all duties and responsibilities of the vacant offices, provided that written notice be given to the members with a final invitation to volunteer.
  16. Members of the Order are accorded the postnominal initials OAE for use within the Society. Members of the Order will not simultaneously use the postnominal initials FAS, which are to be preferred outside the Society.
  17. Members of the Order have the privilege of using the collar insignia of the Order in illustrations of their personal armorial achievements, such use to conform to good heraldic usage, wherein the pendant shield may be included along with other honors below or at the side of the shield in small representation, or members may encircle their coats of arms with the Collar of the Order.
  18. This organization is not, and does not claim to be, an order of chivalry.
  19. These rules may be altered, revoked, or supplemented at any time by majority vote of the Council, subject to ratification by the Board of Directors of The Augustan Society. These rules and all alterations will be mailed to all Members, and all Members will be deemed to have full knowledge and to have subscribed to them.

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