Philatelic Study Group

The Philatelic Study Group is responsible for the philatelic collection, including the decision of whether to enlarge, reduce, or eliminate same.

The philatelic collection has three aspects, which may be difficult to separate:

  • A number of topical collections, including Heraldry, Royalty, Rome, etc.;
  • A comprehensive international stamp collection; and
  • The Founder's personal collection.

Immediate tasks that face the Study Group include:

  • To assess the collection, identify it's various parts, and collect them into a single location;
  • To identify and segregate the Founder's personal collection for disposition as his heir may decide;
  • To create and perfect the various topical collections, creating any that seem suitable that may not yet exist, and house them appropriately;
  • To cull unneeded duplicates from the collection, and with proper approval, sell or trade them to fund the acquisition of items needed to perfect the collections;
  • Once the special collections are perfected, to prepare the comprehensive collection for sale;
  • To solicit or write articles for The Augustan Omnibus on relevant topics in philately;
  • To merge with the collections such donations as may be presented; and
  • To solicit the donation of members collections, should that seem reasonable.

The above list is of course preliminary at this time, and subject to change by the Study Group as circumstances, facilities, and funding permit.

At present, the Study Group is without a Coordinator. Those interested in the position should contact the Dean of Studies.

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