Royal & Noble activities of the Society

A primary purpose of the Society is the exploration and study of royal and noble houses. In addition, members are interested in the royalty and nobility of European and other cultures.

The Royalty & Nobility Committee — Under a chairman named by the President, members with knowledge in this field serve as advisors to the Board. Their particular duties include making recommendations on the recognition of titles of royalty or nobility, and on advising the Chivalry Committee about their position as fontes honorum. They also advise members interested in obtaining a title, or in confirming the titles of others.

Descents from Antiquity Project — One of the Society’s long-term endeavors, Descents from Antiquity is a genealogical research project that attempts to find lineages from the ancient world to modern genealogies. While originally addressing the many proposed links between the last dynasties of Egypt and Charlemagne, the lack of progress in recent decades has pushed the search farther afield. This is presently under the direction of the Genealogy Committee.

Royal Descents — Many articles have been published with descents from historical figures, with Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, and their ilk being well represented. The number of questions about descent from William the Conqueror or his companions is sufficient that the Society maintains lists of Descendants of William the Conqueror and Companions of William the Conqueror.

Society of Descendants of Ireland — Those descended from Irish kings or high kings (as well as those descended from other Irish ancestors) are invited to join this lineage group.

Society of Descendants of Scotland — Those descended from Scottish kings (as well as those descended from other Scottish ancestors) are invited to join this lineage group.

Society of Descendants of the Conquest — Descendants of William the Conqueror or from one of his known Companions are invited to join this lineage group.

The Society’s Library is particularly rich in materials on royal lineages and biographies. The Library is in the process of being cataloged but is available to researchers by mail or in person by appointment. Click here to visit the Library Catalog; no registration is required.

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