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Order of the Augustan Eagle

Arms of the Order of the Augustan Eagle Aims

The Order of the Augustan Eagle was established to serve as the court of honor of The Augustan Society. This body has also been charged with setting the privileges of the members of the Society, establishing the order of precedence, and defining the Society's mission and long-range plans. The members of the Council of the Order of the Augustan Eagle will sit at least annually to conduct their business. Members use the postnominals OAE within the Society and do not use FAS as that is a prerequisite. It is appropriate that they continue to use the postnominals FAS for all purposes outside the Society.

Note: This group is not an order of chivalry, nor should any claim to such be countenanced.


The officers of the Order of the Augustan Eagle are:


Membership is solely by invitation of the President of the Augustan Society. The Order is limited to 24 members, plus the President. The members as of February 2015 are:

  • Chief of the Order, Rod Fleck, FAS
  • Eagle Grand Marshal, William Bryk, OAE
  • Jay Bennett, OAE
  • John E. Bennett II, OAE
  • Cdr. Pierre J. Ringwald, OAE
  • Baroness Jessica Hartwell, OAE
  • Jeffrey Mickelson, OAE
  • Luc P. Quinson, OAE
  • Ernest E. Aitchison, OAE
  • Dr. Richard Andriano-Moore, OAE
  • Maj.Gen. Oliver L. Peacock, Jr., OAE
  • Dr. Charles Drake, OAE
  • Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE

Charter and Rule of the Order

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