Petition for Recognition of Chivalric Membership and Rank

I do hereby petition The Augustan Society to recognize the following rank and membership in the chivalric order or organization of a chivalric nature named below. Honors so recognized may include the use of appropriate postnominal letters in communications by the Society.

I recognize that it is the policy of the Society to recognize only one postnominal from each category (e.g.: academic, religeous, chivalric, Society, military). On request, petitioners may have any three postnominals used. Please contact Headquarters separately for details.

I have provided a copy of the brevet or diploma, or some alternate means of verification, for the recognition requested.

Your Surname: ________________________________________________________________________________

Your Given names: ____________________________________________________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________________________

Mailing address: ______________________________________________________________________________





First Postnominal desired: ___________________________________________  Date joined: ____________________

Organization: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Rank or Subject: ___________________________________________________  Date achieved: __________________


Second Postnominal desired: ___________________________________________  Date joined: ____________________

Organization: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Rank or Subject: ___________________________________________________  Date achieved: __________________


Third Postnominal desired: ___________________________________________  Date joined: ____________________

Organization: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Rank or Subject: ___________________________________________________  Date achieved: __________________


Note: If a Society postnominal has been granted and is not included above, the third postnominal request will be discarded. There is no charge for listing a previously recognized postnominal.

For chivalric honors (including honors of a chivalric nature): provide a copy of the brevet or diploma, or provide an alternate means of confirmation (many orders have web sites listing members).

For academic honors: provide the degree type (MA, PhD, etc), institution, subject, and date of matriculation. Supporting data is normally not required, but may be requested if the institution or degree is unfamiliar.

For military honors: provide the country, branch of service, and rank. Supporting data is normally not required.

For Society honors: give the date granted, if possible.

There is no charge for recognition of promotions within previously recognized memberships, even if this means different postnominals are to be used.

It is the policy of the Society to use only three postnominals at a time, one of which shall be the most senior postnominal held from the Society. Should you qualify for more than three postnominals, those used may be changed by this petition. If all such honors have previously been recognized by the Society, no fee applies. Society publications and web sites use only the most senior relevant Society postnominal.

Chivalric honors are reviewed by the Chivalry Committee; academic, military, and Society honors are reviewed by Headquarters, using the same form.



Academic, military, and Society honors no charge
Promotions within previously recognized memberships no charge
Chivalric honors for non-members ___ @ $200 = $______
Certificates of recognition for non-members (show which) ___ @ $ 25 = $______
Chivalric honors for Augustans (first three) ___ @ $ 15 = $______
Chivalric honors for Augustans (fourth and successive) ___ @ $ 40 = $______
Certificates of recognition for Augustans (show which) ___ @ $ 20 = $______
Total $______

Signature of petitioner: ____________________________________________________________________

Date: __________________________________

Please print, complete, and forward application to:

The Augustan Society, Inc.
Post Office Box 771267
Orlando FL 32877-1267
United States

Make your payment by check in US funds drawn on a US bank, or via PayPal to <>.

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